The Quiet Space Massage Therapy for Sports, Injury Recovery,
Pregnancy and General Well-being and Relaxation
Canary Wharf, East London

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Week of 09/07/2023
Massage Therapy (90 mins) - Annie
Anne was brilliant! knows exactly each part of your body

Week of 02/07/2023
Massage Therapy (90 mins) - Annie
Amazing experience all round! Annie explained how she worked and encouraged me to let her guide the session - not just a normal massage and I felt she took the time to understand my body and needs from the session. Felt so light and relaxed after, thank you!

Second time here and Annie was just as warm and welcoming as I remembered. Her massages are careful and intentional, rather than random pushes and squeezes you get at other massage spots. Her calming, spiritual yet playful energy is something you’ll be able to relax into. If you’re into reiki, she’s also skilled in it. Thank you Annie!

Thank you so much Anne, such a wonderful experience and i left feeling positive and relaxed. Highly recommend this lovely lady

Very unique and amazing experience - Annie is like a muscle whisperer, she knows exactly how to fix the most tense corners and knots! Very customised, not your standard buffet spa. Had a great experience and highly recommend

Great experience! Annie is an experienced and wise therapist. She listens to your needs and tries to find the way to really help you. It is not like the random therapist that you could find online. Really recommend her to anyone looking to improve their general well-being.

She probably could have told me what I had for breakfast based on some miniscule detail. Very impressive stuff!

She was professional, friendly and informative throughout. I would highly recommend The Quiet Space.

Incomparable. Way beyond a normal massage. Please go in with a mind willing to learn and get out of your normal habits. It’s not just the body that will need work. It’s the nervous system and mind. Honestly incredible.

Outstanding massage. Annie has an incredible understanding of the body and how to work the knots out, and gave a lot of insights around what I can be doing better to support my body. Highly recommend and will be coming back!

Didn’t realise how tight my muscles had gotten until I came out after, feeling super refreshed and feeling like my whole body had a reset. Had a lovely chat and she really gets to the root problems and how to fix them, Will defo be back!

Annie was great! She really took the time to understand my injuries and do what she could to help.

Didn’t know what to expect but had a very good experience. Had a chat before the massage to understand my physical state and how best to target my body - the outcome was a very precise massage that left me feeling good and with better insight about my body. Highly recommend, will come back. Thanks Anne!
2 months ago

A very non-conventional massage which relieved so much tension and you definitely feel great after! Overall an insightful experience, thank you!

She was so thoughtful patient and caring. I feel like I have a new body. Many many thanks for this session, will definitely come back
Thank you for writing this. It is one of the nicest reviews I have ever read.

Reiki (60 min) - Annie

This hour was the most relaxing and healing hour I’ve had. I highly recommend those sessions!

Am very happy to read this. Reiki finds its way to those who ask. I hope others who may read this post and to whom Reiki may be of a real benefit will be encouraged to try for themselves.

This was a very good and thoughtful massage. Very traditional in her approach. I really enjoyed it

Thank you for your help today! Very insightful and highly perceptive vs any other massage I’ve had before. I will act on the follow up recommendations!
Hi! Thank you for writing this acknowledgement and I hope that some of the suggestions will be of long term benefit!

Loved this! Excellent but unorthodox massage. Was just what I needed!

Don't come in thinking this is any typical or average massage! The fact it's called 'massage therapy' is pretty accurate - you'll get a little consultation in the beginning to get to know you a bit better and then she gets to work. It's amazing how intuitive Annie is and listens to what your body needs, you can tell she's extremely experienced and would 100% recommend.

Reiki (60 min) - Annie

Had an absolutely amazing reiki experienced and left feeling relaxed.

Such a great massage - the therapist definitely knows her stuff and is very intuitive! I left feeling very relaxed and focussed. Would recommend.

This was an amazing experience, I didn’t expect to get such a thorough massage and Anne helped me with suggestions for alignment. I learned things I didn’t know about by body and felt a lot better after.

Reiki (60 min) - Annie

Annie was amazing. Would definitely recommend appointments with her

Can't recommend enough. Annie was attentive and thorough, both in the initial consultation period and for the massage itself - which was unlike any I've experienced before. Left feeling both relaxed and revitalised in equal measure!

Annie is more than a masseuse, the way she uses her strength is very special and wise. the result of next day is magic :-) thank you
Thank you for writing in such a considered and positive way about your experience. As a general comment on appointments, not to this one specifically: Massage is so individual and nuanced and a constant challenge to get just right for all the different kinds of people and different kinds of issues and requests that people can make when meeting them for the first time. So it will always be great especially after such a challenging few years from Covid to know that the struggle to keep The Quiet Space ‘viable’ to know that it was worth it. Because I just really love looking after people.

Such an amazing massage! Definitely will be back for more!

Reiki (60 min) - Annie

Amazing and powerful experience - highly recommend
I used to mainly think of Reiki sessions as ‘primarily’ mental and emotional in their impact on an individual; but our bodies are a manifestation and repository of our life history and how we express who we are in this world of ours. Body mind and spirit one and the same. Thank you for sharing your experience. Massage Therapy and Reiki are such a highly individual and subjective experience to receive, and from my point of view also are always treated in a highly confidential way.

Little unusual but enjoyable
A massage should always be a unique experience for every individual every time! The client, the therapist, the location, the therapy room, choice or not of music, the verbal communication, physical, mental and emotional states…so many variables….

No pain no gain? Well, I certainly gained something :) At points I felt more pain than at any other massage, but I'm not sure if that is good or bad. Even so, I did come out relaxed and with a smile on my face. I definitely went in with a lot of tension.
Thank you for your feedback. Yes it is much better to do a little and more often rather than all at once.

Massage Therapy (30 min)

Lovely massage, clearly knew her stuff! Thank you!

Massage Therapy (30 min)

Very relaxing massage

Massage Therapy (30 min)

lovely massage
Week of 27/09/2020

Massage Therapy (30 min)


Massage Therapy (30 min)

Anne made me feel very welcome and comfortable. Really dug into what my issues were in order to best assist them. Can definitely see myself returning!
Week of 09/08/2020

Massage Therapy (30 min)

Lovely massage with lovely therapist in a lovely setting! Such good value. Will definitely be coming back again
Week of 01/03/2020

Massage Therapy (30 min)

Amazing massage tailored exactly to my needs. Thank you so much Annie!
Week of 09/02/2020

Massage Therapy (30 min)

Annie was amazing, very caring and helpful. Will definitely come back!
Week of 02/02/2020

Massage Therapy (30 min)

Impressed with this therapy session, expected just a standard massage but this was far better and more like a treatment where you benefit from the knowledge and experience of the practitioner. Saved me. Will be back.

Massage Therapy (30 min)

Great massage. Annie takes the time to get to know her clients and determine how to make the massage benefit them best.
Week of 26/01/2020

Massage Therapy (30 min)

Annie is awesome. Thoroughly recommend. Will be back.

Massage Therapy (30 min)

One of the best massages I’ve ever had
Week of 19/01/2020

Massage Therapy (30 min)

Annie is amazing. Very patient in explaining her massage approach and answer any questions that I have. I feel a lot better after the session!

Massage Therapy (30 min)

Excellent..would definitely come back!
Week of 12/01/2020

Massage Therapy (30 min)

Great massage! Loved the educational bits

Massage Therapy (30 min)

Lovely welcoming atmosphere and I felt great after the massage. Thanks!

Massage Therapy (30 min)

I feel that Annie is a master and definitely above the level of any massage therapists I’ve visited. She listens to what your body needs and simply adjusts what the session should contain. My body felt so refreshed after only 30 mins!
Week of 05/01/2020

Massage Therapy (30 min)

Had a great massage. Masseuse didn’t catch her name was very considerate and did a lot in the short period of time. Pleasant ambience. Nicely presented. Be sure to know where you are going first.

Massage Therapy (30 min)

One of the best massages I have had. Her 20 years experience really make her good at what she’s doing , it was amazing. She knows how to fix my tension within 30mins

Massage Therapy (30 min)

Amazing therapist who does this work for passion. Highly recommended
Week of 15/12/2019

Massage Therapy (30 min)

A knowledgeable and really lovely lady, Anne was excellent at relieving the usual London tissue tension too. :)
Week of 08/12/2019

Massage Therapy (30 min)

Anne is very thorough with the consultation and makes sure to really understand your needs and give you the best possible experience - she’s very very knowledgeable and I’ll definitely go back ! I was so tight after some tough weeks between work and classes and my muscles now feel definitely relieved! Thanks

Massage Therapy (30 min)

I had a great experience. Anne was knowledgeable and considerate and tailored the session to my personal needs. I’ll be returning regularly

Reiki (60 min)

I came in feeling mentally and spiritually completely drained and messed up. I left feeling reborn ahha :)
Week of 10/11/2019

Massage Therapy (30 min)

This mornings session was fab, Anna really knows her stuff and has helped my shoulder heaps and just within half an hour. Will definitely be returning for more sessions.
Thank you! Hearing back that a massage has been particularly beneficial never gets ‘old’! Also as there are so many many ways to conduct a massage therapy session it is in reality a joint endeavour and achievement to get it ‘right first time‘ So from that perspective... I can thank you too!

Reiki (60 min)

This was my first reiki experience. Annie took the time to guide me through And answer questions afterwards. Very unique experience And highly recommended.
Week of 03/11/2019

Reiki (60 min)

Lovely, warm therapist with magic hands. I’d highly recommend her!

Massage Therapy (30 min)

Fantastic first time massage experience, so wonderful and relaxing - just what I needed. Annie was wonderful and so attentive. Takes a really personalised approach to your massage with time before and after to talk it through. Thank you Annie! Look forward to booking another massage soon!
As well as therapeutic applications, regular massage is so beneficial in so many different ways to health and wellbeing; so it is fantastic to read here what a positive experience your first experience of receiving a massage was. Thank you for writing this!

Massage Therapy (30 min)

Incredible. Best massage I had in ages! Couldn't recommend enough. Do make sure to give yourself time for the pre-treatment discussion.

Massage Therapy (30 min)

Fantastic massage . Anne was very welcoming , understanding and knowledgeable. She took her time with the treatment and after suggested stretches that could work for my needs . Highly recommend !

View from the gate at The Cannon Workshops

West India Quay is straight ahead.

Reviews and Location Directions . View from gate

Reviews and Location Directions . View of gate

Entrance to The Cannon Workshops

Area landmarks are the West India Quay DLR (we are at the opposite end of West India Quay from the Dockland Light Railway Station) Hertsmere Road also has the Cinema, the Gym and the Marriot Hotel. The Point a Hotel has been built in the left hand side at the front of the workshops.

Reviews and Location Directions . Doorway

Driving and Car parking

Pass THROUGH the arch you can see in the photo into the internal courtyard and then try to park immediately on your right close to the entrance. This will be more convenient for you going back and forth to your car with your temporary parking permit.

Parking is timing and camera regulated so send over your Car Colour Make and Reg in advance so an exemption can be organised. During the day there is also a patrolling attendant so we still need to give visitors the laminated permit in addition to notifying the parking company online.

Reviews and Location Directions . Bridge

Walking from Canary Wharf

If coming on foot to West India Quay via the footbridge from Canary Wharf, turn left off the bridge and ahead you can see the workshops just beyond the Museum in Docklands and last bar on the quayside.The photo below is the view approaching the workshops. Entrance to number 48 is found via the doorway on the right within the archway that you can see in the photo.

The Elizabeth line I haven’t quite figured out which end of the train yet! But in any event the area which crosses between Canary Wharf and West India Quay is the one that you want as then you simply walk along West India Quay with the boats on your left, the hotel and bars on your right until you reach the Cannon Workshops. It is about a three minute walk once you are at the right end of the train and up on the quay side.


Whether you use the contact form via the Email links on each page or text to 07939026830. Please leave me your full name, your contact phone number/who referred you or how you found The Quiet Space and a very brief indication of the nature of the request. ie sports/pregnancy/general well-being.

(Please note when communicating via text - Every year or thereabouts I get a series of enquiries related to escort or sex services. I am assuming as this is not always happening that it is probably based on someone posting a wrong number on one of those web listing whatever they are. However others have actually been to this web site read that I offer Pregnancy massage etc but still seem unable to comprehend that this is not the kind of service they have in mind.. It is a total bore and still tedious to deal with even at my age and after all these years! So I need to filter them out! For clarity, as text communication has gotten ever more casual and allowing for english not being the first language… phrases ‘ ‘got any slots’, ‘r u free’, or even ‘I need massage’ or not leaving your name and details are a red flag and have proved over the years to indeed be the kind of enquiry I suspect they are..!).

This is one of the main reasons that generally my phone is set to voicemail. I don’t judge but as I said it is boring, tedious and unpleasant experience fielding this kind of call and 99.99 percent of genuine clients always introduce themselves appropriately even in a text message and the number is not shielded.

Therefore in consideration of the above If you prefer to speak in person prior to making an appointment, please note it will be necessary to leave a voicemail as I am mostly un available to answer in person at the time you may call.

Parking:please provide car make, colour and registration for our car parking management company. It is a timed camera licence plate recognition system.

In the interests of privacy for those attending for their appointments; No drop in visits please. Should you wish to discuss any specific concerns regarding your suitability for a treatment in person rather than by phone or email I can arrange a brief 10 minute consultation at a mutually convenient time. There is no charge for this consultation. Please note it is intended only to assess suitability for an appointment at The Quiet Space. Please call or email to request.

Reviews and Location Directions . cannon workshops


The Quiet Space is located within The Cannon Workshops off Hertsmere Road.
48 Cannon Workshops
3 Cannon Drive
London E14 4AS

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